Web design with WordPress


As a web designer with a programming background, I started my journey in web design by learning HTML, CSS, PHP, bootstrap.

I loved web design very much. I feel joy while learning these front-end programming languages and style sheets. But in the meanwhile, I get stuck so many times especially at the beginning of my web design career.

When I learned WordPress I found my dreams came true by this strong, robust platform that can turn any of your web design dreams into reality. Without hundreds of coding lines, Lots of mistakes, different testing, and review stages.



More than 40 well-known Brands are Using WordPress


Some people think that since WordPress is open source so it couldn’t be used for big projects. But if you know that more than 40 most notable big name brands using WordPress you know how is WordPress is a very strong web tool.

BBC America, The New Yorker, Disney, Sony, MTV news ..etc.

WordPress: Endless Customization


There’s practically no limit to how much you can customize a WordPress website. As we now know, the major drawback of this is that WordPress Need more time than other web building website. But ease of use aside, there are multiple design options when using WordPress. So if you have any crazy Idea for your website always You can find a plugin that can be used. so you can

  • Choose from over 200 WordPress-made themes
  • Choose from over 5,000 WordPress-approved third party-made themes
  • Work with a developer to create a completely custom theme

And with building plugins like Elmentor and Divi, you can find yourself can get more modern updated themes with a few clicks

WordPress gives me the flexibility to build any website that my customer need

as there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available – so you’ll be able to find exactly the website tools that you want.

Only you have to search for the plugin that compatible with your website and you will get for sure the plugin that you can use.

As a web designer who has a programming background, I fund WordPress is a very easy web tool that can be used to bring to my customer a professional high-quality website.

Programming Problems


From my 5 years of experience in WordPress. I know how to solve most of all programming problems so no need to call customer support and waste my time.

Is it easy for the website’s owner to edit it?


Is it easy for the website’s owner to edit it?

Sure, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Therefore, anyone can update his posts, pages on his website and publish content without any programming knowledge.

On the other hand, any website that builds using” PHP, HTML, CSS” needs a developer to edit any new blog, page, or product.



While WordPress core software is very secure, and it’s audited regularly by hundreds of developers, there is still can be done to keep your site secure. and we will discuss this in another topic

Regarding the web hosting space


a hosting provider like ionos:

You will get 250GB storage for only $1/month for the first year

While some other web building websites will pay 5$/m for 500 MB storage.

And so, you can find a very big difference

  1. The question now is anyone can use build his own website using web building websites like WIX?

It depends. If you think that you can design your website and looks professional in no time. No, we have to be honest you have to spend enough time in design your website to look professional. Please if you don’t have enough time to design your website delegate it to a web designer to do it for you. Even the easiest thing needs time to look professional.



In the end, if this article I hope that you get a good idea about WordPress as a content management system (CMS) versatile website platform. that can you use as a very good platform to start your blog, business and large projects. With verity. Of. Themes, plugins that can be used easily.